The Society holds an Annual Show on the third Saturday in September.

Annual Show 2019

Our 72nd Annual Show was held on 21st September 2019 and this year it proved to be a very successful show. We had the highest number of exhibitors and exhibits for several years There were 5 new exhibitors entering a variety of classes and this is most welcome, We will always welcome novice and experienced exhibitors.

There was a magnificent display of flowers and vegetables and the improved way of displaying domestic classes, with each exhibit under a clear plastic dome, worked well.

During the afternoon there were numerous visitors, enjoying the exhibits, and light refreshments.

Annual Show 2020

Due to government restrictions the September 2020 show was reluctantly cancelled. The next show will be on 18th September 2021.

Annual Show - 18th September 2021

The Society is pleased to confirm that the Annual show 2021 is going ahead. The Show will be held on 18th September at Aylesbury Grammar School

Show Schedules and entry forms can be collected from the Thurston Trading store on Sunday mornings.

Please rest assured that the show will be held in strict accordance with all Government rules that apply at that time.

The Show will be open to the public from 2.30pm. Please come along: you will be made welcome. Admission is free, and tea and cakes will be available.

There will be many sections in the show open to all and, unless otherwise stated, they are:

  • Vegetables – 29 classes
  • Vegetables and flowers (FULL members only, resident in the town of Aylesbury) – 13 classes
  • Flowers and Shrubs – 25 classes
  • Floral Art – 7 classes
  • Dahlias – 19 classes
  • Fruit – 5 classes
  • Cacti and Succulents – 6 classes
  • Chrysanthemums – 11 classes
  • Photography – 3 classes
  • Domestic – 20 classes
  • Master Gardener Award
  • Juniors (open to all under 16 years of age) – 9 classes

Photography Classes 2021

The categories for 2021 will be as follows:

Adult Classes: Colourful, Affection, Shadows -3 Classes

Junior Class: Wildlife