Trading Store Opening

We are pleased to announce that the Trading Store will be opening as usual from Sunday 10th January.

Please see the bottom of the page for details.

New Contact Button

For any queries regarding the Garden Society we have now added a contact button at the bottom of the home page. This can be used for any queries including membership, activities, stock etc..

Potatoes, Onions and Seeds

Seed potatoes have arrived and will be ready for collection from Sunday 24th January. Seed orders are now closed. For those who placed orders before 24th November those orders are now ready for collection from the Trading Store. To save multiple handling of the orders please ask a member of the trading store staff for your order and they will collect them from the office for you. Garlic is now availableand White Onion Sets (Sturon, Stuttgart & Rumba) and Shallot Sets (Red Sun & Golden Gourmet) have arrived and are now available to buy. Red onions will be available in March.

Annual Show - September 2020

The Annual Show for 2020 has reluctantly been cancelled due to Government Restrictions.

For more information go to the Show section of this web site.

Annual General Meeting 2021

Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at Aylesbury Grammar School. Date to be confirmed.


Annual General Meeting 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held at Aylesbury Grammar School on Friday 17th January 2020.

The president opened the meeting with the sad news that Mr Ian Mortimer and our secretary Mr Joseph Benham, had both died since the previous AGM.

The following were elected as officers of the Society:
President: Mr. R. James
Chairman: Mr. K. Keasley
Vice chairman: Mr. C. Gray

Treasurer: Mrs H. Murray
Secretary: Mr K. Vance

The following were re-elected to serve on the committee for a further 3 years:
Mr P Miles, Mr R Murray, Miss D Smith, Mr B Smith and Mr R Surguy.

The following were elected as new members of the committee:

Mr K Lee, Mr A Harris, Mr S Searle and Mr S Ahsan-Farrer.

In recognition of his contribution to the Society Mr David Meakin was elected as a Life Member of the Society.

After the meeting we were entertained by Mr John Bramhan. His subject was of great interest to us all - grow for Show. 

Joseph Benham Memorial Bench

A number of people contributed to the purchase of a bench in memory of Joe and Marian Benham. We were eventually able to “unveil“ this on Saturday 12th September; the proceedings were witnessed by a small gathering which included members of the family. The unveiling was carried out by the Town Mayor, Mike Smith aided by the Society’s President, Alderman Ray James. The bench now stands in pride of place outside the Trading Store.

Grow to Give

A group has been started to encourage vegetable growers to plant 20% more than normal with the aim of donating the extra produce to local food charities. This is in conjunction with the Vineyard Community Larder foodbox scheme. If you are interested you can contact Grow to Give on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Thurston Trading Opening

The Thurston Trading is open during lockdown. The Store will be open for the normal hours of 09:00 - 12:00 on Sundays. There will be restrictions on social distancing applied and limited access to the inside of the store. Please bear with us whilst we get the new system running smoothly. Please remember to bring your membership card with you.

We will continue to run the click and collect service for members of the Society. If you send an email using the contact button at the bottom of this page to send a list of requirements we will get back to you to let you know if we have what you want in stock and the date for collection (normally Sunday mornings). Please note that we cannot take cards and prefer Cheque or Electronic transfer. Please remember to bring your membership card when collecting. WHEN USING THE CONTACT BUTTON TO CONTACT THE SOCIETY PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE TYPED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY. We have had several requests for orders where we cannot reply due to incorrect emails. Orders for Sunday must be placed by 10:00PM on the preceding Friday. 


 Over Wintering Garlic

Over wintering Garlic is now available in the Trading Store for planting before the New Year


 There have been crop failures on two of the varieties of potatoes we normally stock and several other varieties are running out. If you wish to order potatoes you can use the order form document on this page which has all the varieties that have sold out highlighted.





Download this file (Potato order form latest.pdf)Potato order form latest.pdf18/01/2021