Aylesbury Gardening Society
(established in 1880)

Affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society, the Rose Society UK, and the National Chrysanthemum Society
National Dahlia Society and National Vegetable Society

Mrs. H. Murray
Mr. R. James
Mr. K. Keasley

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Upcoming Events

The Annual General Meeting will be held
on 11th January 2019



The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in the Sixth Form Common Room, Aylesbury Grammar School at 7.30pm on Friday 11th January 2019.

After the meeting, which should not take too long, we will be entertained by Mr Ian Currie. His subject is of great interest to us all - the weather! This is a speaker not to be missed. Not only is he entertaining, he is very informative. He has a very good web site entitled "Frosted Earth".


On Saturday 4th August we had an excellent coach trip to Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Hyde Hall. The weather was beautiful and it was the occasion of their Flower Show with many nurseries and trade stands. There was also the opportunity to see the newly planted Vegetable Garden.


The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held at Aylesbury Grammar School on Friday 19th January 2018.

The following were elected as officers of the Society:

President: Mr. R. James
Chairman: Mr. K. Keasley
Vice chairman: Mr. C. Gray
Secretary: Mrs H. Murray

The following were re-elected to serve on the committee for a further 3 years:

Mr G. Lang, Mr I. Mortimer, Mr D. Ridgway and Mr D. Wheeler.
Also, Mr C Turner, who had been co-opted onto the committee, was elected to the committee.

Mrs Lesley Ridgway had indicated she was retiring from the committee after 9 years. The president thanked Mrs. Ridgway for her contribution to the Society and presented her with a gift in recognition of her service.

In recognition of his contribution to the Society Mr. David Ridgway was elected as a Life Member of the Society.

During the meeting Mr. Joe Benham was appointed as a Life Vice President of the Society, in recognition of the contribution he has made as secretary of the Society for over 21 years and at the conclusion of the meeting the President presented him with a gift.

After the meeting we were entertained by Colin Oakes who gave a very informative and entertaining talk on Marylebone, not just a station.


On 20th May we had a very interesting visit to the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, followed by a visit to Cambridge Botanical Garden.

On Saturday 9th September we had an excellent coach trip to Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley. The weather was kind and it was the occasion of the 'Wisley Flower Show' with many nurseries and trade stands and it was the site for the National Annual Dahlia Flower Show. There was also the opportunity to see the newly planted 'Exotic Garden'.

The final event of the year was a Fish and Chip Supper with an entertaining talk by Colin Oakes.

Turnfurlong Junior School - winners of the Ann Miles Trophy and also winners of the 'heaviest single bag' award SCHOOLS POTATO CHALLENGE

For the fifth year the Society has run the Schools Potato Challenge: fourteen entrants completed the competition. These schools were Bedgrove Infant (4 entrants), Broughton Infant, Broughton Junior, Harding House 6th Form, Haydon Abbey, Pebble Brook (2 classes), St Joseph's Catholic Infant, Stocklake Park, Turnfurlong Junior and William Harding Combined.

Each school was provided with three 17lt potato growing bags; compost; 3 seed potatoes (one each of Abbot, Kestrel and Red Duke of York) and a small quantity of organic fertiliser.

The resulting crops were weighed in early July and the top 3 schools were:
  • Turnfurlong Junior School with a total of 4.0kg
  • Bedgrove Infant School A with a total of 3.860kg
  • Bedgrove Infant School HP with a total of 3.110kg
The heaviest single bag was grown by:
  • Turnfurlong Junior School - their Kestrel potatoes weighed in at 1.710kg
An awards ceremony took place on 5th July, in conjunction with the Town Council ceremony. Our president, Mr Ray James, presented the Ann Miles Trophy to the winning school. Also, the winners, 2nd and 3rd and the heaviest single bag winner were presented with engraved glass trophies. The Ann Miles Trophy will be held for one year.